4 Ideas for Split Pedal Exercises on the Pilates Chair

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The growing popularity of Pilates makes it one of the most sought-after exercise sequences in today’s time. While gyms and yoga have their benefits, the efficiency of Pilates is non-negotiable. Pilates can be done on a variety of equipment, and also on the matto build your core strength. Today we’ll explore how using the Pilates Chair with a split pedal can increase the efficiency of your workouts greatly!

What is a Pilates Chair?

Originally designed by the founder of this exercise practice, Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Chair is one of a kind. While people equate Pilates with training core muscles, the Pilates chair helps train the complete body from head to toe. You can either sit or stand while performing the exercises on a Pilates chair. During your exercises on the chair, your body weight, spring resistance, and coordination, challenge your muscles for increased benefits.

The Pilates chair has four parts:

  • A box of wood makes the chair
  • A padded seat
  • Two detachable handles
  • A Pedal that is attached

There are four main concepts for split pedal exercises on a Pilates chair that Pilates classes here at PAD Pilates and Dance in Dubai work around

1. Coordinating the pedal movements at the same time

The pedal might not have a connection, but your job is to create one between them. Here you have to coordinate their movements at the same time to bring the issue of muscle imbalance under control. A coordinated movement will facilitate a balance between your right and left side.

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Frogs: lying flat

Set up the chair with light spring tension and lie down on your back. Place the outer edges of your feet on each pedal with bent knees and rotated hips. Inhale when the pedal comes up and exhale while it’s down. Slow coordinated movements offer pelvic stability.

2. Solo movement of Pedals

Here you have to move one pedal while stabilizing the other. The unilateral movement allows the spine to rotate accordingly.  There are two possible ways: either engage in spine rotation or facilitate trunk stabilization to avoid any rotation.

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Scapular series: Arm press

Set up with a tension between light and medium. Start on all fours, with onehand on each pedal. Inhale while bending one elbow and rotate the ribcage in the same direction. Exhale while pressing back down. Follow the same with the other hand.

3. Reciprocal movement of pedals

Move the pedals in the opposite directions. Provided your objective is to facilitate rotation, this movement makes it easier.

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Swan on Top

Start by lying prone on the chair with medium tension. After achieving the correct position, push one pedal down for the other to rise. Do ensure that you check your breathing and spinal movements.

Final Thoughts

These three split pedal exercises will help garner much-needed strength and flexibility. Joining Pilates Classes in Dubai with Yasmin Karachiwala’s PAD Pilates and Dance will help you live a healthy lifestyle.