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Beginner classes – These classes are advisable for clients who haven’t done Pilates and would like to try it out, understanding the fundamentals and building a strong base.

  • Reformer Intro (basic Intro to the Reformer)
  • Reformer Level 1 (a proper class on the
  • Reformer. Suitable for beginners and intermediate levels)
  • Cardiolates (Pilates on a trampoline, jumping to Bollywood music!)

Intermediate/Advanced classes – These classes are for people who have done a few sessions of Pilates and would like to take it to the next level; or for those who work out regularly and would like to add Pilates to their routine.

  • Reformer level 2 (advanced and balancing movements on the Reformer)
  • Double Trouble (using 2 pieces of equipment in one class)
  • Wunda Chair (an equipment that challenges your balance and ups your heart rate)
  • Mat Pilates with Props (Pilates on the Mat using small props like the Magic Circle, Theraband, Spine Corrector, Foam Roller, Fletcher Towel)
  • ABC: Arms Booty Core (exactly what it sounds like!)

Advanced classes – These classes are for people who are very comfortable with the Pilates principles, and have used different equipments multiple times. It includes more advanced movements in a class with focus on balance, repetition, strength control and stamina.

  • 20-20-20 (using 3 pieces of equipment in 1 class to work different body parts on each)
  • Bodhi Balance (TRX suspension system met Pilates and gave birth to Bodhi)
  • MOTR (this is MORE than just a Foam Roller – it will challenge your body in ways you didn’t know!)

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