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The Greens and Views is a lovely bustling community full of families with kids. There are mostly expats that live in The Greens, and lots of Indians have made it their base. Every year during Diwali, one of the building clusters called Al Samar celebrates Diwali in style! They hire a grand ballroom and put on an incredible performance by the people who live in the building and their kids. They get big sponsors on board to make the event a grand success. In 2021, Diwali was being celebrated after 2 years and so the event was even larger than usual. They hired The PAD’s dance team to teach their kids 8 songs, which the kids were to perform at the Samarwalli Diwali event! The kids absolutely loved the choreography classes and the event was a super success. Here are some amazing photos from the event, and the videos will be up on our Instagram page soon!

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