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Bollywood Dance Classes in Dubai
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Bollywood Dance Classes in Dubai
Bollywood Dance Classes in Dubai

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Many of us shy away from adopting a new workout regime. Before joining a gym or any fitness program, there is a lot of apprehension. However, things have started to change. Many more innovative workout programs are available for us to experience the joy of exercise! Specifically in Dubai, Bollywood dance classes and kids’ dance classes have become the rage among people looking for fun and fitness.

Bollywood Dance is fast-paced, energetic, choreographed, and fun – irrespective of your skill level. At PAD Pilates and Dance’s Bollywood dance classes in Dubai, we offer the following courses:

– Bollywood Choreography

– Bollyfit

– Bhangra Choreography

– Bhangra on the Trampoline

– Zumba

– Private classes

Dance Classes for Adults

The quick steps and fun expressions make your body and mind forget you are working out and pushing yourself. The energetic dance steps get your heart pumping and give the much-needed happy hormone boost. The pace and routine of it keep you engaged and away from stress.


  • Builds Stamina: The music is playing, you’re learning your steps, the instructor is motivating you, and you’re having a great time. You don’t even realize that your heart rate is 160, and you burn over 500 calories in one hour! You may be panting, but you’re having so much fun that you don’t want to stop! Sounds like a great way to build stamina, doesn’t it? 😊

Dance Classes for Kids

  • Memory – Dance classes teach kids to remember many steps, signs, and routines with music. Doing this periodically improves their memory.


  • Agility – Dance involves a lot of improvisation, reacting to the music, and changing body movements as per instructions. Kids who excel in their dance classes become quick thinkers in adult life.


  • Teamwork – Even if it is a solo performance, every act requires many helping hands. One dance performance is enough for your child to learn how to work as a team. That is a skill that will reap a lot of benefits in the future.

Enrol For Bollywood Dance Classes in Dubai

  • The PAD team has some of the best dance instructors in the UAE. From Hardy Singh, the founder of Pure Bhangra, who teaches our Bhangra classes, to Shekhar Agarwal, a disciple of Ganesh Acharya, who teaches Bollywood, our team knows how to conduct fun and effective dance workout sessions that will help you hit the ground running for your fitness goals.

Dance Your Way to Health With Custom Corporate Wellness Programs

In today’s times, ensuring that we are taking care of our health is more important than ever. If you are working from home, you’re probably sitting many more hours than is good for you – and you need to make sure you are getting up and MOVING! And if you’re going to work, you want to keep your immunity up by ensuring regular movement.

Corporate wellness programs are rapidly gaining popularity to improve work-life balance and promote holistic development for employees. As per research from the US Department of Labor, more than 80% of companies in the US offer corporate wellness programs, while the number touched 45-50% in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

So, why the popularity?

Studies show that companies offering corporate wellness programs like Pilates, workout sessions, dance programs, and yoga experiences improve employee morale, increase productivity, and have a positive impact.

The PAD Pilates and Dance Fitness & Corporate Wellness Programs

The  PAD Pilates and Dance runs VIRTUAL corporate wellness programs for renowned organizations like PepsiCo and KRYFS. We also offer in-office corporate wellness programs on request.

We bring a lot of fun, technique, and knowledge to all our classes so your employees can do what they do best without the stress.

Dance in Corporate Wellness Programs

If you are an HR person who wants to establish a fun and unique wellness program for your company, what do you choose? You can choose typical team-building exercises, or you can choose Dance!!!

Dance is preferred over other forms of corporate wellness exercise because it is a non-intimidating and fun way of bringing the team together. Dance also provides a holistic workout session and is an effective cardio workout. Even a mild dance workout session is as good as brisk walking for 40-45 mins. Did we mention it’s LOADS of fun?

The  PAD Pilates and Dance offers a mix of Pilates and Dance classes to keep your employees strong, stretched, and having fun while grooving to the beat!

So, find your dancing shoes and book a class with us today!

Words can’t explain how fun our dance classes are, so here are some videos to see yourself!

Ready to get Started?

Book your classes online or Feel free to drop us a note if you wish to learn more about any of our services



Pilates can be done on many different kinds of equipment. While the reformer pilates in dubai is the most famous, at The PAD we offer 7 other kinds of equipments too!  


The reformer is an equipment used in Pilates to provide stability and improve strength and support the body. It is the most widely used piece of Pilates equipment, and at The PAD, we offer Reformer Pilates for


The reformer is an equipment used in Pilates to provide stability and improve strength and support the body. It is the most widely used piece of Pilates equipment, and at The PAD, we offer Reformer Pilates for clients of different levels.


Pilates is today one of the most popular forms of exercise across the world. People from all walks of life have embraced it with open arms. The routine brings a lot to the table in terms of strength,

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