How To Avoid Pain While Doing Daily Activities If You Have A Herniated Disc

Pilates is one of the most widely preferred natural treatments when it comes to recovering from herniated discs.


The discs between the vertebrae act as shock-absorbents and provide mobility & flexibility to the spine. But when such a disc slips out of its natural position, it can compress the nerves and cause troubles like pain, spasms, etc.

The core exercises in Pilates can help strengthen the lower back region and thus reduce the possibility of you having a herniated disc. Even if you are injured, doing these exercises will impart stability so that the injury remains unaffected while also reducing the pressure on the nerves.

Here are some of the exercises you can do to recover from a herniated disc.

Herniated Disc Treatment in Dubai


1. Pelvic Bridge and Crunch With Bridge

  • Lie down on your back with the bottom on the ground and knees bent.
  • Lift your bottom up and down.
  • It is important that you do not put stress on your shoulders.
  • Keep the weight somewhere around your shoulder blades while lifting your hips up the ground.

Besides keeping the back in a comfortable position and working your back muscles, this exercise will also help lengthen the thigh muscles and glutes. It is in fact one of the most comfortable exercises you can do if you have a herniated disc in Dubai.

2. Leg Extensions

  • Get in the position with your legs and arms touching the ground.
  • Stretch one leg and keep the foot on the ground.
  • Stabilize your back and lift the leg up and down.
Herniated Disc Exercise

3. Flying Dog

  • Get into the same position as the above exercise.
  • Now, do opposite arms and opposite knee stretches.
  • As you exhale, stretch out the muscles.

4. Side Plank or Mermaid

  • First, we will go to the side.
  • The lower leg will be bent and the top leg will be stretched out.
  • Just move the legs making small motions up and down.
  • However, if there is any discomfort then instead of moving, hold this position.
  • The advanced version of the side plank is stretching both legs out.
  • Stack legs one on another and you will just hold the position.

While doing this Pilates exercise, you not only need to work the trunk part but also the back muscles. Also, working on the side muscles will greatly help improve stability.

5. Beatle on the Back

  • Lie down on the back with your arms and legs stretched out parallel to each other.
  • Do small movements like a Beatle who is on the back trying to come back up.
  • If somebody is stiff in their hamstrings, then they must put cushions under the back and soften their knees while doing the exercise.
Herniated Disc


A herniated disc is a condition that if left untreated can lead to lifelong problems and hinder your day-to-day movement. Hence, not only do you need to take utmost precaution while doing exercises but also choose the right set of exercises that will help you recover quickly and efficiently.

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