7 Reasons To Give Bollywood Dance A Try

You might be aware of numerous dance types, each one having its own specific traits and features. But, if you are asked which out of those is the most fun, chances are you would say Bollywood dance.

We are sure you must have seen quite a few dazzling performances by Bollywood dancers. But, besides being splendid to watch, Bollywood dance is actually pretty fun to do! Not just that, it can also double up as your workout session so you get the best of both worlds, health as well as fun.


  • Amazing Music: Music is the life of any form of dance, but it’s a whole lot more significant in the case of Bollywood dance. Bollywood dance is characterized by upbeat music and foot-tapping tunes that you just cannot resist dancing to. The music is usually full of energy, which is also why Bollywood dance makes for a good cardio session. Each song is a story in itself and it’s easy to get completely immersed in the same.
  • Improves coordination and rhythm: Bollywood dance is designed in a way that you need to have proper coordination with your fellow dancers to end up with a graceful performance. Doing Bollywood dance naturally improves rhythm and teaches you to coordinate with your peers. .
  • Fun-filled aerobic exercise: Given Bollywood dance is one that requires high energy (in most cases), it helps in boosting the Oxygen supply of the body, which ultimately leads to improved muscle and body health.
  • Tones up the body: Bollywood dance requires you to do quick steps which means that your body has to move quickly and swiftly. Hence, it is a great way to tone your body muscles, particularly those of the arms and calves.
  • Stress-relieving: Dance, in any form, can be a great mood improver and stress reliever. Coupled with the music, Bollywood dance makes for a great stress buster. You can just forget all your worries for the day while you groove to some fun music in your Bollywood dance class.
  • Fun: We can’t mention it enough! Bollywood dance is the best when it comes to a fun-filled workout. It’s upbeat, happening, and can be done either alone or with a group of friends. There are no rules here, just you and the dance floor.
  • It is for everyone: This dance, unlike many others, is for the old and young alike. Since it is not governed by any specific rules as such, it is quite flexible in its form and can be modified according to the age and skillset of the dancer.
Pad Fitness


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