Benefits Of Pilates For Seniors

Aging is a natural and normal process. Most of us wish to age like fine wine. Well, in that case, we must also put in the effort. It is a paradox – the time when our body needs us to stretch is when many of us get limited by our ailments and avoid exercise. But it is a paradox that you must break. Mental and physical health for seniors is vital. With weakening joints and slower reflexes, the more they care for their body is better for them.

All said and done, picking up the equipment and getting down to work out can be daunting for someone with underlying health conditions. So, what should they do? Well, Pilates is what they should do. One of the most popular low-intensity non-weight bearing exercises, it can give the seniors what they want without bringing in fatigue or risk of injury.

Pilates’ founder Joseph Pilates conceptualized this form of exercise as a way to strengthen our core for people of all fitness levels. The fact that he practiced Pilates well into his golden days is testimony to the effectiveness and ease of this exercise.

Pilates in Dubai is becoming popular at most senior care centers, and we are also seeing many seniors joining our Pilates class at The PAD Fitness. But you must be wondering why Pilates is recommended so heavily for seniors. Well, scroll below for the answer:



When you are above 50 or even 60, you might hesitate to start working out. But you can without having it be a health hazard or a taxing activity. Pilates is a gentle exercise that requires you to get one muscle movement right in the smallest of ways and slowly progress to bigger movements. You may or may not use the reformer based on your need. Pilates Instructors at The PAD Fitness create unique, flexible, and customized exercise routines for the seniors at our studio.


Most men and women above the age of 55 are at an increased risk of osteoporosis. After making yourself comfortable with Pilates, you can move to the reformer Pilates and other weight-bearing exercises in the workout regime that improve your bone and muscle strength, preventing early onset of osteoporosis.


Pilates is famously known to be effective on the powerhouse of our body – the core (abs, backs, and hips). Pilates allows you to concentrate on your core strength and build strength within your body. Small, concentrated, and intense movements improve core strength that is important to lead an active lifestyle as you get older. Improved core strength also leads to improvement in mobility, walking styles, and overall strength.


Pilates is a whole-body workout. It actively engages your mind, as well. The intense core movement requires a lot of concentration and end up clearing your mind. The strengthening moves bring an endorphin rush that comes from a heavy workout. For older people who end up in a sedentary lifestyle, Pilates can help them keep their body and mind fit.



Old age is no reason to give up on your body. It is possible and important to keep yourself active as you grow older. A lot of the challenging aspects of aging can be tackled using exercise. At The PAD Fitness, we take great pride in designing customized regimes for our senior students and helping them lead an active and happy lifestyle well in their old age.