Corporate Pilates Helps Employees Stay Healthy At Your Workplace

It’s 2021 and the world is coming out of one of the most unprecedented years of human history. 2020 was not just about a certain country, region, or population. It was about the challenges faced by mankind as a whole.


The bustling lives of people rushing to work, people grabbing their morning coffee and heading over to their office, people running to catch the metro, everything was suddenly brought to a halt. As the coronavirus raged, most of the working population was forced into the confines of their homes and work from there.

Initially, it was like a dream come true, a dream that had been until now, reserved mostly for freelancers. After all, who would not want to stay in the comfort of their home and be able to work from there!

The work from home movement, while great for many reasons, was not good in one particular department. You see, our day to day movement constitutes an important part of our health, and helps in maintaining our bodies. But with this movement significantly curtailed, various types of problems emerged, out of which body pain was the most prominent.

Now, when the offices are reopening and the world is slowly starting to get back on its feet, it is vital that we focus on health at the workplace.


Pilates as a concept isn’t relatively new. It has been around for quite some time now and has helped numerous people achieve fitness levels that they always dreamed of.

The Bodhi

Pilates basically consists of a set of exercises designed to improve core strength, stability, and posture, something really important in today’s world. Pilates can significantly help to prevent body pains and aches and is also extensively used for rehabilitation purposes.

Corporate Wellness should be something promoted by all organizations to not only boost the morale of their employees but also increase their productivity levels. Pilates at the workplace can be the key to achieve this wellness.

Some of the ways in which Pilates can help the employees at their workplace are:

● Increase core strength, stability, and improve body posture.

● Greatly help in soothing all kinds of body aches.

● Help in reducing the risk of injury arising due to muscle fatigue.

● Boost the positivity levels of the employees and build resilience for a challenging work environment.

● Improve the overall morale of the employees.

● Improve the fitness levels.

One of the best things about Pilates is that it doesn’t require an extensive setup. The sessions can easily be conducted in an open hall, a meeting room, or a seminar room with space enough for the employees to keep their mats. Also, there is no set time to do Pilates. So the sessions can be organized in the morning, or in the evening according to your convenience.


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