Does Pilates Work In Injury Rehab And Prevention

While Pilates has become popular as the preferred exercise for celebrity bodies, it is also highly useful in injury rehabilitation and prevention. It is prescribed as the preferred form of movement by doctors and physiotherapists around the globe to recover the lost muscle strength in a safe manner after an injury.

One of the major reasons why Pilates is so widely used for muscle rehab is because it works the body as a whole. The focus is never just on strengthening the injured part, but on ensuring that the rest of the body is not overcompensating for the injured area. So it helps to bring the body back to balance, by strengthening it from the inside.

During rehab, one of the goals is to build up the muscle strength of the patient over time and create an efficiently functioning body. That is why Pilates is perfect. In its essence, it aims at creating a well-balanced body that is both strong and flexible.

Injury Prevention


Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Pilates is so widely used for muscle rehab.

  • Pilates focuses on the core muscles and aims to build strength over time.
  • It comprises a set of exercises designed to improve the stability and flexibility of the body.
  • It consists of exercises that can be done with or without the need for special equipment.
  • Pilates works on the muscles both statically as well as dynamically. Hence, it improves mobility in the long run.
  • Besides focusing on developing the muscles, Pilates also lays emphasis on proper breathing techniques – and breath is the first and last act of life!
  • Pilates isn’t meant for any specific age group. It can be done by one and all. Hence, the age of the individual doesn’t matter.
  • It is useful for conditioning both the body and the mind.
  • Even the equipment used in Pilates such as Reformer and Chair is safe and easy to use.


In a bustling city such as Dubai, injuries happen all the time. In fact, many athletes and sports personalities frequent Dubai for rehabilitation purposes after they sustain an injury. Hence, there is always a need for a studio that can offer Pilates services for rehab purposes.

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Depending upon your body requirements, they also suggest the best set of exercises to make sure that you recover well and quickly.

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