Family Health And Fitness Day In Dubai

“Happy Healthy Parents make Happy Healthy Children”- Dr Miriam Stoppard. You might wonder how it would be possible to enjoy a fitness class with your family?  We all understand that when you feel great in your body, you go through your day with a better mindset, and are able to deal with problems and life more effectively. We all want our families to be fitter and healthier- which at The Pad Fitness is our goal too!

In line with this goal, we host an event annually called Family Fitness Day which we launched in 2019. This year, 2021, we had our third edition of Family Fitness Day. So, what is it?

A big part of feeling great when you workout, is the people who you workout with. If you’re surrounded by people who you know, laugh with, enjoy hanging out with, you are bound to have a much better workout experience.  At The Pad Fitness, we thought about what better people to surround with than our own family. Striving to get fitter together.

Family Fitness Day is a day for our existing clients as well as the communities living around us who can come and experience the awesomeness of The PAD Fitness with their whole family – for FREE!

Of course, safety was our priority and we ensured we limited our classes to a maximum of 4 people so as to maintain over 3 M of social distancing between each client.

We have dance and Pilates classes in Dubai for both kids and adults, loads of Pilates classes for beginners to try, spouses can come workout together in a fun class… Instead of taking their kids to the park, we encourage clients to bring them to The PAD while the parents can get a workout in too! We always have healthy bites for people to munch on, and a goodie bag with healthy snacks and some amazing wellness vouchers for everyone who visits us on that day.

This year we went bigger and better – we had health coach Sheetal Ramchandani from LivLively give us ONE tip that would help boost our immunity – something that was definitely needed for the complete family fitness day class.

We always give our members special attention, and this year we had a MEMBERS ONLY class which was an Advanced Pilates class that challenged their limits!

Another highlight of The Pad Fitness’s Family health and fitness day were the therapeutic dogs for kids to play with for 2 hours! The owner of PetCorner Sid Mahindra also gave the kids and mums a talk about the benefits of owning a pet.

It was a day that had everyone leaving satisfied, fulfilled, laughing and ecstatic! Even during these interesting times of COVID, we still had an amazing turnout, and a great day that left many families including ours filled with memories that will last us until next year!

The PAD Fitness