First Time Trying Pilates? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Switching to a new fitness regime or trying out a new form of workout can be daunting at first. And Pilates tends to have an air of something unapproachable about it, anyway.

While the videos on the internet can inspire you to pick up the workout, they can also sometimes act as a demotivating factor. This is because we tend to constantly compare ourselves to the people in those videos. We see how fluid their bodies are and how easily they can do the specific workout, and we wonder if we’ll ever be able to do it ourselves.

But one thing that we forget is that everyone started at the beginning, with their first class! So the first step is just try out a workout like The PAD’s Reformer Pilates Intro class, understand how the machine works, and then eventually get much better at it!


You have been looking to start with Pilates for a long time now, and this article is your sign that it’s time to begin! But suddenly, you are bombarded with all these fears and thoughts… How do I do it? What do I wear? What should I not do?

Let’s try to answer some of these questions and provide some tips too.

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For a first-timer, it is always better to arrive a bit early. This will not only give you ample time to gauge your surroundings but will also give you a chance to speak to the instructor about any concerns you may have. Bonus: you can also choose which spot in class you want to take!


Fitted workout clothes are ideal to wear while doing Pilates, as the instructor will be working on your posture. The question you should ask yourself while choosing a particular piece of clothing is, “Does this outfit restrict my movement?” If it does, then you need to choose a better one. Always remember, comfort comes first, fashion comes second.


Absolutely. In fact, it is extremely important to get as many inputs as you can from your Pilates instructor. Since the instructor is trained in the workout, he or she can always provide you with much better guidance than anyone else. They can also provide specific inputs which will be suitable for your body type.

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In a Pilates class, you might find different types of people. Some, like you, will be just starting out. Others might have been doing the workout for quite a while now. Hence, you will have the opportunity of not only forming bonds with like-minded people but also getting valuable inputs from the more experienced people.

At the same time, it is important not to compare yourself with the other members. Everyone has a different learning curve, a different body type, and takes a different amount of time to do something. The key is to see everyone as equals, just a group of people aiming to get fitter and better.


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