Here’s Why Pilates Is Considered Best For Rehab

It’s no surprise that Pilates has become a popular form of exercise around the globe. From its inception in the 1900s, millions of people today have embraced it in their lives.

While Pilates is often praised for being low-impact and simple to perform, many have underestimated its usefulness in rehabilitation. Pilates can be considered as an excellent rehabilitation technique to treat injuries or illnesses.

More and more physiotherapy clinics today are adopting Pilates for rehabilitation and pain relief. This is not just due to the healing effect it has on your body, but also because it can take you from the early stages of rehab to the long term goal of a conditioned and fully functioning body.

Here are some of the ways in which Pilates for rehabilitation can make way for a speedier recovery from injuries.


Spinal problems such as neck pain and lower back pain can lead to detrimental outcomes if left untreated. Such problems usually occur due to bad posture and can impact crucial muscles in your back, extending the discomfort for long.

Pilates for rehab strengthens vital back muscles and makes it easier to hold good posture without having to actively think about it. This helps you maintain better posture and minimize the pain you experience on your spine.

Thus, partaking in a Pilate’s session can teach you all the necessary techniques you need to become aware of your posture and apply them when required.


The beauty of Pilates lies in stretching. The various types of techniques practiced in Pilates stretches while strengthening the muscles. When muscles are not working the way they should and are being held in bad posture for many hours of the day (this means they are not contracting and expanding the way a muscle normally would), it causes the muscles to be locked short, or locked long. This causes the myofascia to get “stuck” and causes a plethora of problems in that part of the body, as well as in the connecting fascia.

The flexibility offered by Pilates helps to open and release any short or long locked muscles, creating a huge sense of relief for a patient with pain. Sometimes, just a one hour class can cause a huge shift in the body and significant changes can be found in pain levels at the end of the hour. So if you are experiencing injuries or pain related to muscle flexibility, Pilates can be a great exercise.

Performing gentle Pilates daily can increase the ability of your joints and maintain mobility to a great extent without experiencing pain.


As much as Pilates is good for your muscles it’s also good for maintaining proper blood circulation in the body. Pilates is ideal for people suffering from cardiovascular issues or those who want to improve their heart health.

Pilates regulates your blood flow and ensures oxygenated blood is circulated throughout the body. This keeps your heart healthy and prevents the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and other illnesses.

Since Pilates helps oxygenate the body, it also simultaneously helps the body to recover at a faster pace.



Bone injuries cause a lot of damage to the body and can also cause disability in a person, which is why increasing bone strength is important. While trampoline is really one of the best exercises to improve bone density (we do have trampoline classes as well), Pilates is great for the bones and is highly recommended for people who have suffered bone injuries or have undergone hip surgery.

The key advantage about doing Pilates for rehabilitation is that it develops the entire body structure instead of just making the bones stronger. So you not only get healthier bones but also a well-shaped physique too.

Enrolling in a Pilates classes in Dubai can thus help you learn various rehabilitation techniques and help you recover faster.

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