How Pilates Can Assist Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates: you either love it or you haven’t tried it. This form of workout has been gaining significant traction in recent times given the physical benefits it provides in terms of core strength and agility.

But did you know that Pilates is also a popular tool for rehabilitation?

Pilates works on our muscles which define our everyday movement. Be it our posture, the way we walk, the way we sit, the way we bend or stand. Many times, injuries might cause muscle imbalance, thereby hampering our day to day normal movements. Hence, Pilates can be especially helpful in such cases to facilitate the rehabilitation of our injured muscles.



The reason why Pilates has been so successful as a tool for muscle rehabilitation lies in its core principles. Pilates essentially works on the flexibility of muscles and the core strength of the body.

Pilates includes different exercises for different muscle groups. Hence, a Pilates session can easily be tailored according to a certain person’s requirements. Depending upon the seriousness of the injury, a patient might be recommended to do the beginner group classes or only private sessions.

With the help of a variety of movements, Pilates aims to build your strength slowly and in a graded manner. It makes you more resilient and less prone to injury.



Pilates will also make you more aware of your body. It is not just about your instructor asking you to do certain exercises. It is also about you getting aware of the movement in your body, of the way your body and different muscle groups move so that you can have better control over them, and you start thinking about your body in a very different way.

Such a positive movement regime helps you gain more confidence in yourself and can help you recover faster. You will know how to move forward without experiencing any pain and can therefore get back your normal body movements faster.

Mat and Reformer Pilates are the two most widely used forms of Pilates for rehabilitation purposes. These are usually carried out using a mat or a special piece of equipment known as a reformer. The best thing about these forms of Pilates is that they can often be used interchangeably, meaning that you can effectively combine them according to your needs and requirements.


There is a difference between using Pilates as just a form of exercise and using it as a form of therapy. Pilates for rehabilitation should be combined with other conventional tools of therapy to achieve maximum benefits.

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