How To Get Motivated When You Feel Like You Can’t Be Bothered

We all have faced days when nothing seems to motivate us enough to get up and hit the gym. Even the guilt of letting our paid gym membership go to waste fails to motivate us to get off the couch!

This is because physical exercise is usually very demanding. No matter how rosy you make it seem, at the end of the day, it is an exhausting activity. Our brains are inherently wired to avoid any kind of pain or exhaustion.

But as we all know, brains can be trained and motivation can be derived from seemingly common things. The question is, “How do you do it?” How do some people just get up from bed and are ready to hit the gym day after day? How do you get yourself motivated when nothing seems to work?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the things you can try, and we say try because every human being enjoys different things.


1. Try Setting a Goal

“Oh God! Not again. We’ve read this on countless other blogs”. Of course, you must have, but there is a valid reason why this advice is repeated time and again!

When you drive a car without a road map or any knowledge of the destination, you do only one thing: burn fuel. Going to a gym without a proper plan or a goal is just like that. You will not know which exercise to do and how much to do. In short, you will be burning fuel without getting the results you desire.

So go about setting a goal, however small it may be. It can be as small as doing 3 reps of an exercise you find very tiring. Slowly, when you start achieving those small goals, you will feel better and in turn, be motivated to set more ambitious goals and work out harder. Take every training session as it comes. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow, just focus on achieving your goal for today.

2. Track your Success

Tracking your progress is equivalent to giving yourself a reality check instead of living in a fantasy world. If you have been going regularly to the gym, you may be tempted to think something like, “Okay, I have worked pretty hard lately. I guess I must have lost quite some weight. Maybe I can take it slow for a while and then pick it up again.”

This false sense of accomplishment can be a big roadblock on your path to fitness. Hence, it is very important to track your daily progress. You can do it the old school way by keeping a diary, or the modern way by using one of the numerous apps that will help you monitor your progress. Here, you can record things such as your weight, heart rate, calories, your running/walking distance etc. When you see your progress through time, you will automatically be stirred to continue doing it and perform better with each passing day.

3. Make Full Use of Tech

Tracking your fitness in Dubai or any part of the world is extremely easy nowadays, thanks to the wearable tech that we have in the market. These fitness trackers mostly constitute watches and armbands that are equipped with sensors to keep track of your vitals such as breathing, pulse, etc.

They are widely used by people who go to the gym and are used to monitor statistics such as calories burned, miles run, steps taken, etc. They also store the data and indicate to you on your progress and improvement. A fitness tracker can also work as an indirect motivation to go to the gym, as it can give you alerts if you miss a regular activity.

4. Sleep Well

It is okay to hustle. It is okay to work hard. But it is definitely not okay to be deprived of proper sleep. This is perhaps one of the most damaging things you can do to your body.

When you sleep, your entire body goes into repair mode. That is why it is recommended to sleep and take a rest as much as possible when you are not well. Hence, if you don’t sleep well after working out, during the day you are bound to feel fatigued.

Besides this, since our physical and mental health are closely related, having proper sleep regularly will assist your body to get fitter by the day.



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