Mat Or Reformer: Which Pilates Method Is Better?

We all know that Pilates is a proven form of physical exercise that helps in improving core strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and muscle tone.

But do you know which form of Pilates, Mat or Reformer, is the ideal one for you?

This is a very common question in the mind of anyone who is introduced to the world of Pilates. Since both these forms produce very similar benefits, it is no wonder that people often get confused as to which one to pick.

But don’t worry. We are here to clear all your doubts regarding Mat and Reformer pilates and which one will be the ideal one for you.


As the name suggests, mat work forms the basis of Mat Pilates. In a Mat Pilates class, you will work with your body weight to strengthen different parts of your body. These exercises can often be challenging as your body weight provides resistance against gravity. Also, you can’t take the help of any form of support (such as springs, cables, etc.) which makes the whole class even more challenging.

All these reasons make Mat Pilates a great option for beginners since you get to learn to control your muscles during exercises. But you need to be careful not to jump to advanced mat work too soon as you need to continuously work your body. Mat Pilates may not be much fun, but you are sure to see results such as improved strength, posture, agility, flexibility, and toned muscles within just a few Pilates sessions.

Best Reformer


This form of Pilates involves the use of a reformer which is a narrow bed with a sliding carriage, straps and pulleys, made more or less resistant by adding or removing springs. At first look, this equipment may seem pretty intimidating. But just wait till you are done with one or two workout sessions, and you’ll realise that it is perhaps the most fun workout equipment out there!

The reformer is one of the most versatile workout equipments out there on which the intensity can be varied depending on the person, using the springs. Not only does it support your body but also adds resistance to the exercises by the use of springs. Hence, it is extremely safe to use for both beginners as well as advanced Pilates enthusiasts.

You can perform a greater variety of exercises on a reformer, ranging from basic to advanced. Also, it is great for rehabilitation purposes as it allows you to exercise in a horizontal plane of motion and not be vertically loaded.


Now that you know what Mat and Reformer Pilates include, it should be easier to choose between the two.

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