Pilates Deep Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

Breathing is perhaps the most vital casual activity that we do. Casual because we don’t pay attention to it (unless we are meditating). This is also the reason why we often forget how important proper breathing is for sound health. The ancient cultures were better than us when it came to realising the importance of breathing.

Pilates is a form of a workout well known for its holistic approach. Deep breathing forms one of the vital components of Pilates. This component can not only help remove stress and anxiety but can also enhance the quality of your Pilates routine.



One of the best things that Pilates deep breathing exercises do is pump oxygen in your blood and prepare your muscles for the workout session. You can do these even if you don’t plan to do the full Pilates workout, as they can greatly help reduce stress and anxiety.

Some other benefits of Pilates deep breathing exercises are:

1. Reduces tension in the muscles throughout your body thereby reducing the risk of an injury.

2. Helps to remove toxins from the body by improving the activity of the lymphatic system.

3. Reducing mental tension and pushing the body in a state of relaxation by proper oxygenation.


This is the primary technique used in the Pilates method. Besides relaxing your body and preparing it for a workout, it can improve your lung capacity, thereby helping you retain more oxygen which ultimately energizes your body.

Pilates Lateral Breathing can be done very easily by following the steps listed below:


1. Place your hands below your rib cage and feel it expand as you fill in some air. Feel this sensation as you breathe each time.

2. Inhale through your nose gently and deeply. Don’t force yourself to take in the air. Rather just try to inhale as much as you can comfortably.

3. Exhale through the mouth (and not through the nose) until you can feel your lungs empty.

4. Repeat the above three steps and keep practising.

Exercise for Anxiety


It might come as a surprise but incorrect breathing can be detrimental to your health. Forms of breathing such as shallow chest breathing deplete the oxygen content in your body and add to the stress that you might be feeling already. Hence it is better to avoid those shallow and rapid breaths that originate in the upper part of your chest.


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