Pilates For Men

There are a lot of misconceptions and a stigma attached when it comes to Pilates for men. Most of the photos and videos on the internet show women doing Pilates. They hardly cater to the male audience. Men are somehow expected to do more of the “gym-based” workouts.

But this might seem a bit awkward, considering that Pilates was originally created by a man. Also, Pilates has been widely used in the sports industry to train athletes for over 50 years now. Men have been both the instructors as well as the promoters of Pilates in Dubai.

In recent times, the popularity of Pilates and more specifically women doing Pilates has been attributed to a surge in the number of women athletes and instructors all over the globe. While this is great news in terms of how encompassing Pilates is, it can sometimes lead an individual to believe that this mode of exercise is preferably for women.



Men have been reaping the benefits of this fast-developing fitness trend all around the world. The exercises involved in Pilates contain body movements that can be highly beneficial for men. They can help strengthen the core, improve balance, provide flexibility, and develop the body as a whole.

While muscle building workouts such as weightlifting focus on a step-by-step approach to achieve muscle growth, Pilates for men focuses on strengthening the core which is the powerhouse of the body and the budding foundation for strength. Core training in Pilates involves training the whole body for improved fitness levels along with cross-training for other sports and athletic activities.

Pilates for men can also be a much calmer and more mindful form of exercise than regular weight training. The exercise has been modeled to improve fitness and flexibility levels with little or no equipment. It can hence act as a sort of a charger for your body’s batteries, strengthening, balancing, and stretching it.

To sum it up, Pilates provides the best of both worlds, yoga or gymnastics as well as weight training, and its benefits are there to reap for all, no matter what gender you belong to. The PAD Fitness is one studio that can help you reap all these benefits of Pilates. It can ensure that your fitness regime is both fun as well as productive.