Trampoline Fitness: Can You Bounce Your Way To Better Health?

If you think that trampolines are just for kids, then this blog is going to be an eye-opener for you.

You may be surprised to know that in recent times, the trampoline has seen a huge surge in its popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts. Trampolines are increasingly being used in homes and gyms for an individual as well as group fitness classes.

Of course, jumping on a trampoline is fun! But that’s not all. It brings with it a host of benefits that have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

So let’s have a look at how trampolines can be beneficial to your fitness:

  • Improve your cardiovascular health: 30 minutes of trampoline workouts regularly can greatly improve the cardiovascular health of an individual – whether he is sedentary or an athlete. Given a choice, most people will choose to jump on a trampoline over running on a treadmill because it sure is a fun way to improve one’s health.
  • Increased leg strength: Rebounding on a trampoline can help increase your leg strength. People who rebound even twice a week have noticed a significant improvement in their leg strength. This is also one of the reasons why so many coaches choose to incorporate trampoline workouts in their players’ training schedules.
  • Easier than other aerobic activities: Our mind plays a big role in how we perceive a certain activity. Many times while doing a workout, our perceived exertion exceeds the actual exertion. This generally happens when you are doing something that is not fun or engaging. A fun activity such as rebounding can bridge that gap between perceived and actual exertion and make the workout all the more effective.
Trampoline Classes


Trampolines are fun. But if not used properly, they can be dangerous as well. Common injuries associated with rebounding on a trampoline are mostly orthopaedic and neurological in nature. Sprains and fractures are perhaps the most common injuries that can occur due to improper warm up and cool downs.

But that does not mean you shouldn’t do trampoline workouts because the potential benefits far outweigh the risks. What you need is proper guidance to stay safe and get the most out of this activity, which The PAD Fitness is known to provide.

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