Walk Into A Plates Class For Happiness

Many of you might consider Pilates a new trend or something just came up in the last few decades. But, if you are an ardent F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, you will notice that even our favorite Icon Rachel did Pilates. It is, in fact, a 100-year-old exercise routine invented by Joseph Pilates as a tool to train soldiers. So, why is everyone doing Pilates, and how is it any different than any other performance-oriented exercise routine. Pilates has an edge over others when it comes to mental health benefits.

Joseph Pilates described his creation as the complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit. The basic principles of Pilates (8 principles of Pilates) revolve around enhancing mind-body connection, improving core body strength, and enhancing our brain activity. So, how does this make you lead a happier life?

Our happiness actually comes from our brain. From a purely chemical perspective, our body generates our happy chemicals, and every physical activity has a corresponding response in our brain.

Let us see how the physical activities in a Pilates classes in Dubai make your brain do a happy dance.



Our brain, like our body, keeps growing. It ages with us, and as we make efforts to keep our body fit and young, we must do the same for our brain. Pilates, as a form of exercise, revolves around breathing habits that stimulate brain growth and reverses the sign of aging in your brain.


Pilates needs us to really focus on each movement we make either with or without equipment. The movement of mindfulness method and the precise breathing technique allow us to clear your mind and focus it on our inner body movements. That has a calming effect and helps us improve our focus. Our mind works best when focused, and this opens up our minds to the happy thoughts we want to consume.


Pilates is a precise routine. It focuses on our core – our abs, hips, thighs, and works on activating specific muscles with each movement. As we said, our bodies and mind are connected without a doubt. Activating our core muscles fires our neuron system, improving his communication with each move. When our brain communicates well with our body, hormone imbalances, and other stress-causing factors disappear. It also improves the generation of happy chemicals or endorphins in our body.


Have you noticed we feel our best when standing upright or walking straight? Or, that we slouch when upset? Our posture and emotions are connected. Pilates inculcates the right posture into your mind until it becomes a way of life. Within a few weeks of Pilates, you will walk straight with a spring in your step. A fitter body always gives you a happier mind. A low-intensity focused workout helps you improve your mind’s fitness level as well.

The PAD Fitness


Our instructors at The PAD Fitness Studio know the difference a Pilates class can make for your mental well-being. We value Pilates as a science for our mental health. We encourage all our students to start that journey towards a happier life. For us, that is what Pilates gives us.

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