What Are Some Common Exercise Sequences for Pilates Beginners?

Core strength is the focus of each exercise which keeps the body healthy. Your arms might be toned, or your legs might be muscular; but if your limbs are not moving in connection with your centre, your body will be prone to injury and imbalance. Core strength plays a significant role in fruitful gym sessions, besides ensuring the effective execution of the day’s responsibilities.

Here comes the importance of Pilates, one of the best exercises that help develop unmatched core strength. While the different range of exercise sequences for Pilates can be complicated, this is not the reality. Some common exercise sequences for Pilates beginners will help you prepare for the tougher routines that follow. Trusted Pilates classes in Dubai will help you perfect such exercises.

Following are some of the best pilates classes in Dubai that will be your first convincing step towards core strength:

Best Pilates in Dubai

Ab Scoop

Do not mistake it for the regular crunches for abdominal muscles. Here, you must pull down your abdominal muscles slowly until they form a scoop. The smooth curl-up will be followed by a controlled downward movement. The more precise it becomes, the better it is for your core strength.

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The Roll-up

Meant for the whole abdominal section, the Roll-up is one of the most effective exercises for beginners. You need complete control over your abdomen for the up and down rolls. The key to an effective roll-up is the balance of momentum and control. As a beginner, keeping your legs firmly planted on the mat, and pressing your heels into the mat, while keeping them hip width distance apart will assist you in developing control over the movement.

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The Hundred

The Hundred controls your breathing, giving you undying supremacy over your vitality and endurance. Start by completely pulling in your abdomen, which requires your complete lung capacity to breathe into your lower ribs and back. Ensure that you use your abdominal muscles and do not put excessive pressure on your neck and shoulders. Pump your arms only, as you inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts. Head, chest and shoulders stay lifted. There is a specific technique to not let your neck hurt as you do this, which any good Pilates teacher should be able to teach you!

Best Pilates in Dubai

One Leg Circle

One-leg circles are very effective when training your lower abdominals and hip flexors. The ability to move through the full range of motion without losing control becomes essential. Press the foot on the ground firmly down, as the other leg in the air makes circles as large as possible. Then reverse!

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Rolling Like a Ball

This exercise is just yummy! Rolling like a ball is an integral part of the Pilates repertoire. Curl your entire spine, hold on to your knees, maintain tension in your core and then – keep this shape as you roll back and forward on your spine.

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Let us learn to kick, shall we? Side kicks work your abdominals, oblique muscles and mainly your glutes. Your glutes are the largest and most important muscles in your body! You want a good looking bum, not just for the looks but because weak glutes can cause all sorts of problems in the knees, shoulders, neck and ankles. While kicking to the sides, ensure that your ribs do not stick to the mat. Hold them in the air and try and stabilize your pelvis.

Best Pilates in Dubai

Open Leg Rocker

Balancing is an integral part of Pilates, and Open Leg Rocker helps you take a stride towards it. Your back muscles and abdominal will come to your aid here. Keeping your arms and legs straight during the exercise should be your first try. Ensure continuous practice if you fail, and you will eventually reach there!

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Another exercise sequence for Pilates beginners is the plank. The effectiveness of this exercise is unmatched, as it works the whole body, not just your abs! You must place yourself straight, from your ears to your heels. Imagine someone is pulling your ears forward and your heels are being pressed back into a wall. Find the opposition between the two ends!

Final Thoughts

Take Reformer Pilates classes or Mat Pilates classes in Dubai to strengthen your core, increase your stamina and keep you fresh. It helps you stay away from lower back pain and tones your body. Book an appointment with Yasmin Karachiwala’s PAD Pilates and Dance and they will help you live a healthy lifestyle.