What Is Functional Rehabilitation?

Being physically active offers several health benefits to people of every age. However, not everyone can slip on their running shoes and go for a run. Some people face a lot of difficulty in maintaining an active lifestyle and recovering from injuries quickly. Functional rehabilitation is a part of traditional physical therapy. However, unlike conventional therapy, this rehabilitation is meant to assist athletes in gaining full mobility and returning to their pre-injury state of activity. The training programs incorporate agility and kinesthetic programs allowing athletes to recover and perform their pre-injury activities. This therapy also reduces their risk of recurring injuries by strengthening their bodies.

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Functional rehabilitation is a unique approach that involves evaluation of an individuals condition and strength, and exercises that are designed to mimic real-life activities. The therapy combines strength, agility, and flexibility training and focuses on coordination and motion as well. This prepares the concerned person or injured athlete to return to an active life. The goal of this approach is to help the person return to their regular activities of daily living, and it also helps people recover quicker. With functional rehabilitation in Dubai, athletes can improve their performance and prevent any further pain as well. The therapy can be provided at home, but for best results, you must take the help of a clinic. The clinicians will understand the condition and design a custom rehab plan assisting you in your recovery process. Professional clinicians have the resources and training to understand every injury. By formulating a treatment plan, they can speed up the recovery process and assist the patient get back up on their feet quickly. All the treatment is provided under expert supervision and is designed to provide maximum benefit to patients.


There are several benefits of functional Rehabilitation in Dubai. We have listed the most significant ones below:


Functional rehabilitation therapy is designed to help the person recover from an injury. However, during the therapy process, clinicians work on improving the overall coordination of a person. This helps them prevent any further injuries in the future. With the correct training, you can increase your range of motion. This automatically strengthens the joints and allows you to perform high-impact movements without sustaining any injury in the future.


All exercises can assist you in obtaining and maintaining a good posture. If you are facing problems with your posture, and experience recurrent back pain due to this, functional Rehabilitation in Dubai might be the ideal solution. The therapists will share exercises that you can add to your daily routine and improve your posture. By maintaining a good posture, you will not only be able to reduce your pains, but it will also assist you in reducing your chances of getting injured.


This is among the most significant benefits of functional Rehabilitation in Dubai. Several therapists are capable of teaching students how they can use their height to support their movement and perform different activities optimally. With the correct training, you can increase your range of motion and enhance your overall balance and coordination. This will not only help you perform daily activities better but will also improve your performance in sports and other physical activities. With an increased range of motion and better coordination, the risk of sustaining injuries will also be reduced.


Every clinic or center offers a different training regimen to their patients. Since functional Rehabilitation in Dubai is different from physical therapy, the training regimen is personalized for every person. However, the aim of this program is to teach the patients how they can become more active and what activities they can incorporate into their routine to experience maximum benefits. The exercises will range from simple to more complex ones. With each movement, individuals will achieve a higher level of functionality, allowing them to build strength and flexibility. Some of the most frequent moves involved in the programs are:

● Balance and agility

● Pain management

● Stretching and mobility

● Strength and flexibility


Physical activity is essential in your daily life, especially when you have sustained an injury. Getting in touch with the right clinicians will allow you to recover accurately and quickly. The Pad Fitness is among the best centers that offer functional Rehabilitation in Dubai. Their experts will understand your condition and devise a plan to help you recover well. Browse through our website to have a look at our services or contact us at [email protected].