What To Eat Before And After Pilates To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout?

What do you think will happen if you had quite a sumptuous meal and then proceeded to do a set of sit-ups?

Doesn’t feel comfortable, right?

Now imagine how it would feel when you not only have to do sit-ups but a full-body workout! Not only will it be uncomfortable but can also make you feel downright nauseous. You wouldn’t be able to effectively use your muscles, as your blood would be flowing to your stomach for digestion and there are even chances of getting injured.

A workout such as Pilates requires you to have the proper amount (and type) of food before you start doing the exercises. Food is to our body what fuel is to a car. If you don’t have enough food before the exercise, then you won’t be able to do the exercises properly. The same goes for having too much food before the workout. Hence, you need to strike a balance to get the maximum out of your Pilates session.



If you go into the Pilates class on an empty stomach, you may easily get tired. After all, you need to have some fuel to provide you the strength to soldier through all the exercises.

The ideal meal before a workout should be low in carbohydrates, moderate in proteins, and low in fats. Some of the food items that embody this nutrition combo are:

● Banana or any other piece of fruit

● Low-fat yogurt

● Avocado or tomato toast

● Fruit or green smoothie

● Celery sticks with almond butter

Bowl Breakfast


After the workout, depending on how heavy your class was, give yourself a bit of time (maybe an hour) and then refuel with something more substantial.

Some of the Pilates food items you can have after a Pilates workout are:

● Porridge

● Poached eggs on toast

● Salad sandwich

● Lean meat

● Quinoa salad

● Stir fry vegetables

● Soup

● Wholemeal wrap with hummus

Remember to always HYDRATE before, during and after your workout! But also ensure you don’t drink water 45 minutes after eating anything.


While it is relatively easier to stick to healthy food items before a workout, it can be totally opposite after the workout. You may be tempted to reward yourself with a heavy meal or maybe even some junk food. But you need to remember that this will not only undo all the hard work you put into the workout but may also lead to weight gain.

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