Why Do You Need A Corporate Wellness Program In Your Company?

Today, when someone looks for a job in any organization, they look for a lot of things beyond the position and the compensation. It is now as much as the company’s responsibility to market themselves in the job market as it was before for an employment seeker.

The current generation recognizes the need for work-life balance and sets store by the values of self-care. People know that every fancy title brings pressure, deadlines, and a lot of tension in their life. Even the most passionate workaholic employees need time-off from the wheel. Instead of letting each employee handle this stress-buster time on their own, leading corporate companies such as PepsiCo are now stepping in with in-house programs called Corporate Wellness Programs.

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, more than 75% of companies offer some kind of wellness program, and these companies have also seen an increasing trend of employee loyalty, fitness, and retention. So, the number one reason to do is that your employee wants it and will possibly be offered the same by your competitor.

But, don’t go with us just because everyone is doing it. There are enough stats and data to demonstrate the benefits of corporate wellness programs for any organization. We will walk you through some of the major ones alone below:


First off, we know it’s called a corporate “wellness” program. In-house corporate wellness programs ensure that your employees stay fit, keep in shape, and lead an active lifestyle. That also means that even the most at-risk or non-fitness inclined employees are taken care of. When you have in-house programs, a lot of factors right from peer pressure to mandated hours to even team-lead instructions can nudge your employees towards these fitness programs.

Such wellness programs where teams participate in Pilates classes, Dance classes, or other physical activities also improve team morale, provide an outlet for stress relief, and improve team bonding. They make friends without the awkward phase, and that will give you a productive workforce. As we know, the team that plays together stays together!

Next, an overlooked benefit of such corporate wellness programs is that investment also has a financial benefit. Imagine a company with lakhs of employees such as PepsiCo. They surely provide healthcare benefits to their employees, which is a real cost to the company. The fitter your employees, the lesser illnesses you will have to handle, and the lesser you will have to spend. A fitter workforce also means that you have fewer employees taking leaves due to burnout, stress-related diseases, and immunity-based illnesses. These are actual financial benefits that no one can dispute.

The PAD Fitness


We love running corporate wellness programs. It is a great joy to see people unwind, de-stress, and rejuvenate themselves to get back to their passions every day. At The PAD, you can choose from doing a Pilates class or a dance class for your employees to stay fit and healthy. We have demonstrated it time and again in major corporations such as PepsiCo and many small businesses as well.

Our talented, experienced, and passionate instructors will make sure that your investment and your employees’ time is well-spent at every session they spend with The PAD team.