You Should Try A Group Pilates Class Today – See Why

Private training sessions are the most coveted ones in general. We love the individual attention, and the common consensus is always that it helps you grow better. Many people dipping their toes into Pilates prefer taking a one-on-one session to absorb all the basic principles, stretching methods, and techniques in private. But, there are some advantages to taking a Pilates group class that you may not have thought of.

Before we go into why a Pilates group class is good for you. Consider this simple analogy – when a child starts walking for the first time, do we not let them fall and get up on their own, encouraging self-reliance so that the body learns the movements naturally. That’s what a Pilates group class does for you.


Our bodies are quite intelligent and what makes exercise great for us is that we learn by doing. Pilates can actually tell you a lot about your body. The small condensed core movements with synchronized breathing are an opportunity to learn about your body and adjust the movements based on your comfort. This improved muscle memory, good posture habits, and a mind-body connection.

In a Pilates group class at The PAD, you will find that our classes help our students make connections within themselves. Your mind will feel more relaxed and confident in a group class with friends than in a private class. The feeling you have after an energetic intense class with friends is unmatched. Also, the joy of finding people who enjoy the same thing as you is quite exciting too.

You can also learn by seeing some of the older and experienced students in a Pilates Group Class. Minor modifications, tips, and tricks can be picked up, making your journey exciting with an underlying kinship. We learn faster when we have motivation and inspiration. Unlike a private Pilates class where it’s just you and the instructor, here you have a group of people who motivate you. You also get inspired looking at other people pushing their limits improving your resolution to do and be better.

Pilates Group Classes are planned at a common level keeping all the participants in mind. Hence, you get an opportunity to attempt new movements, equipment-based exercises sooner than you would in a typical private class.



For some, Pilates private classes may work, but you must look to transition to group classes to push yourself a bit harder. Pilates group classes are also a great place to make new connections and get inspired by other people too.

At The PAD, we make sure that the culture and vibe at every Pilates group class make you want to come back for more. Call us today to book a demo class.