What Are Some Common Exercise Sequences for Pilates Beginners?

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Core strength is the focus of each exercise which keeps the body healthy. Your arms might be toned, or your legs might be muscular; but if your limbs are not moving in connection with your centre, your body will be prone to injury and imbalance. Core strength plays a significant role in fruitful gym sessions, […]

4 Ideas for Split Pedal Exercises on the Pilates Chair

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The growing popularity of Pilates makes it one of the most sought-after exercise sequences in today’s time. While gyms and yoga have their benefits, the efficiency of Pilates is non-negotiable. Pilates can be done on a variety of equipment, and also on the matto build your core strength. Today we’ll explore how using the Pilates […]

How To Stay Active & Fit This Festive Season?


December has arrived, and the festive season is upon us. Staying active and fit during this festive season doesn’t have to be complicated; with a bit of help and guidance, you’ll stay in top-notch shape. Read on as we discuss the best ways to stay healthy during this festive season. WHAT IS PILATES? 1. BALANCED […]

What Is The Link Between Pilates And Pain?


Body aches have always been a peril that people of all ages suffer from. With winter knocking on the door, the intensity of any pain maximizes to monumental levels. Under such circumstances, we resort to allopathic medicines, heating pads, and various oils for some relief. While such procedures might be overwhelming and overburdening, the options […]

Migraine: Can Pilates Help?


You can find millions of people who are living with migraine. These are severe, debilitating, and often disabling headaches that can last for days or weeks. Some individuals experience migraines just once a month or every other week, while others have them up to three times a week. These attacks can be triggered by an […]

What Role Can Pilates Play In Rehabilitation?


Pilates is a fitness activity that can help to improve strength, flexibility, breathing, and muscle tone in the body. The techniques used in Pilates exercises focus on muscle strengthening, coordination, and balance. During rehabilitation, patients can reduce their risk of injury by using these exercises with guidance from a professional therapist. This guide will explain what […]

Pledge To Keep Your Spine Healthy By Following These Tips


Back or spinal pain is one of the primary causes of disability and can prevent you from living the life you want. You must sit up and pay attention! In addition to obtaining health insurance for emergencies, you must go the additional mile to maintain a healthy spine. For instance, exercises for lower back pain, maintaining […]

Can I Do Pilates Right After Giving Birth?


Pilates is a safe and effective method for improving your exercise routine, improving posture, and regaining strength after childbirth. It restores the strength of the core muscles and keeps you active. Basic Pilates routines and exercises (pelvic floor, breathing, and deep core activation) are often safe to begin immediately after delivery. This helps enhance muscular […]

How Many Times A Week Should I Do Pilates?


If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are very new to the world of Pilates. Also, you must be pretty fired up to start engaging in this popular form of workout and may even be looking up Pilates classes in Dubai. But amongst all the questions such as which class to choose, what […]

Mat Or Reformer: Which Pilates Method Is Better?


We all know that Pilates is a proven form of physical exercise that helps in improving core strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and muscle tone. But do you know which form of Pilates, Mat or Reformer, is the ideal one for you? This is a very common question in the mind of anyone who is introduced […]

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